Nell of Gumbling

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ISBN-13: 9780593570708
: My Extremely Tiny Forest Adventure 
Emma Steinkellner
September 17, 2024
| 192 pages

Juvenile Fiction / Comics & Graphic Novels / Fantasy / Social Themes / Friendship

Nell of Gumbling and her diary are back! From the bestselling author of The Okay Witch comes another adventure from a twelve-year-old girl living an ordinary life in a magical land. Will an epically enchanted camping trip gone wrong...turn out fantastically right?

Welcome back to Gumbling—Nell Starkeeper's extremely normal fairy-tale hometown. And things couldn't be more happily-ever-awesome, because Nell is about to go on a Gumbling rite of passage—the Multi-Disciplinary Wilderness Engagement Adventure—when all of the seventh graders spend a whole week in the forest! Sure, it’s an Enchanted Forest that’s full of gumblecreatures, where your most secret wish could be granted at any moment, but that’s nothing unusual around here.

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