Don't Think of Tigers

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ISBN-13: 9780593810965
Alex Latimer
October 22, 2024
| 32 pages

Juvenile Fiction / Animals / Lions, Tigers, Leopards, Etc. / Humorous Stories / Interactive Adventures

Dream up anything you like, dear reader, and watch it come to life on the next page—just no tigers! This fun read-aloud about creativity and perspeverance will have your reader giggling and inspired, all while our hero learns that with a bit of practice, even the wildest challenges can be tamed.

This book is MAGIC! Imagine anything you like, and the illustrator will draw it on the next page. There's only one rule: DON'T THINK OF TIGERS! Ready?

Oh dear. You thought of tigers, didn't you? Please, think of anything else. A cow doing ballet? No problem! Just no tigers. Our illustrator really, really can't draw tigers...

Or can he?

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